1 Pre-requisite course for the professional lifeguard certification that teaches injury prevention,teamwork, basic rescues, and lifeguard skills. Candidates are continuously evaluated throughout the course based on standard evaluation criteria.


25 hours


12 years of age; ability to swim to the Red Cross Swim Kids level 10 or equivalent or higher


Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard Instructor or higher


The course is continuously evaluated; final “scenario based” practical knowledge evaluation

Completion: Attend and participate in 100% of the course; demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities; complete observation assignment during or after course

Certification: 2-year certification as Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard

Recertification: 6 hours minimum

Candidates with a Bronze Cross certification
(current or not) only need to take the 4.5-hour Red
Cross Lifeguard Preparation Course.

Course Content

>The Red Cross (includes Introduction)
>Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
>Developing Leadership
>Understanding The Aquatic Environment
>Preventing Aquatic Emergencies
>Supervision and Surveillance

 >Developing Rescue Skills
>Caring for Head and Spine Injuries
>Responding to First Aid Emergencies
>Developing Responses to Emergencies
>Getting a Job

Course Materials:

>Assistant Lifeguard Workbook
>Whistle & wrist bungee (or breakaway lanyard)

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